HERMES NutriCaps

There's a huge market demand for food supplements in today's health-conscious world – but many consumers find conventional tablets and capsules difficult to swallow. HERMES NutriCaps are a novel approach to deliver food supplements. People can use the Nespresso* hard-pod coffee machine in their kitchen to prepare supplements as a delicious and nutritious hot drink.

Simple, fast and convenient, HERMES NutriCaps help consumers stick to their health resolutions with a daily boost, occasional treat or a pick-me-up.

HERMES NutriCaps can contain a wide range of nutrients, from vitamins, minerals and botanicals to superfoods and organic grade ingredients, to meet a wide variety of health needs. They are available in a range of flavors to suit individual tastes and can fulfill special dietary requirements, such as vegan, halal or sugar-free.

Discover HERMES NutriCaps, the new generation of food supplements:

- HERMES NutriCaps are safe, simple and fast to prepare

- Their application is easy and already learned

- They eliminate onerous boiling of water using a kettle

- There is no need to reprogram coffee machine, simply choose “lungo” size (approx. 110 ml)

- HERMES NutriCaps are easy to use and to dose

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