TruTag Technologies, Inc.

TruTag Technologies, Inc. has developed a customizable high-security solution that provides product identity and unparalleled product diagnostics. TruTag helps pharmaceutical companies mitigate risks due to unauthorized diversion, counterfeiting, product recalls and quality incidents with TruTag microtags (“TruTags®”). TruTags are safe, covert, edible and made of silica, a material that has been affirmed as GRAS by the US FDA. TruTags are embedded with a unique optical signature that can be incorporated into solid oral dose medications and provide immediate product identity information that no other solution can offer. 

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On-Dose Authentication and the Case for the Mighty Microtag
Stability Study of Model Prescription Drugs with Post Application of TruTags
On-Dose Authentication: Stress Testing of Solid Oral Dosage Form Pharmaceuticals Coated with TruTag® Silica Microtags

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