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Synthetech.jpgGrace is your partner for the custom manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates. An established client base of many major pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and a keen understanding of organic synthesis provide the experience to address th​e diversity, complexity, confidentiality, and regulatory requirements of pharmaceutical customer needs from early preclinical development to commercial manufacture.

With the acquisition of Synthetech in 2010, Grace expanded its support and commitment to the pharmaceutical industry. Specific capabilities supporting API manufacturing include: specialty amino acids; peptide building blocks and fragments; and proprietary custom chiral intermediates.

We have developed a comprehensive cGMP environment for large-scale manufacturing to ensure our customers' quality expectations are met. Our quality systems support the manufacture of high purity products delivered on time and within specification. Our facilities and systems have been audited and qualified for manufacture of cGMP regulatory starting materials and advanced intermediates and regulatory starting materials for various commercial pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic programs. With grams to tons capacity, we are equipped to be your preferred one-stop source.

Grace offers a full range of custom chemical synthesis and manufacturing services for the pharmaceutical, industry. Our capabilities include intermediates, organic chemical materials, and regulatory starting materials all supported by customized development and project management to meet your unique requirements and deadlines. Compounds can be manufactured in made-to-order quantities ranging from kilos to tons.

Core Product Offerings:

  • Chiral Intermediates
  • Specialty Amino Acids
  • Peptide Fragments
  • Boronic Acids
  • Organometiallics

We are committed to consistently delivering high-quality products to our customers. We have developed a comprehensive cGMP environment for large-scale manufacturing.

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PO Box 646
Albany, OR 97322
Tel: 541-812-6020

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