Stony Brook Scientific Ltd

Stony Brook Scientific Ltd. (SBS) is the world's leading manufacturer of falling needle viscometer products in any scientific and engineering fields requiring accurate fluid property measurements.  SBS viscometers are the industry standard for viscosity measurements. 

Stony Brook Scientific, Ltd. (SBS) primarily manufactures scientific instruments such as the Portable Field Viscometer, Disposable Viscometer, Portable/Disposable Viscometer, High Pressure and High Temperature Viscometers, Caulking Viscometer, Controlled Needle Viscometer, High Temperature Viscometer, Ultra High Pressure Viscometer, Sealed Viscometer, Falling Needle Viscometer/Density Meter,  Thermal Expansion Coefficient and Relative Sedimentation Rate Measurement Systems.  

1055 W Germantown Pike Norristown, PA 19403
Tel: 610-635-1740