Shaw Logistics
Shaw Logistics LLC is UNIQUE!
With decades of experience in product transportation, we've done it all.

We are NOT a Freight forwarder, Trucker, Broker, Consolidator, Customer Service Rep or Traffic Manager.

We ARE your personal transportation specialist; POWERFUL enough to handle any of your needs, small enough to make you HUGE in our eyes!
Services Available:

From an envelope to a trailer load, make your emergency our emergency, your headache our headache.

Transportation of your goods ought be transparent, let us help you see through it so you can move on.
Let Shaw Logistics Negotiate the Logistics Maze for you as these companies have...

"Throughout our business relationship, Shaw Logistics has exemplified the highest level of professionalism while ensuring customer satisfaction under the most difficult circumstances."
Peter Manzo
Business Services Manager
EquipNet Inc.

"Shaw Logistics gives me alternatives with transit time and costs so we can make the right decision before we ship and then follows through with tracking, proof of delivery and the actual cost. Very Reliable and good customer service."
Dave Kerrigan
Conair Corp.
6 Mitchell Pl Glen Ridge, NJ 07028
Tel: 973-744-1826