Sartorious Mechatronics

In October 2005, Sartorius SAG, an international leading laboratory and process technology supplier, acquired Omnimark Instrument. The relationship with Sartorius goes back to the origin of Omnimark in 1991. Sartorius has provided 4 generations of moisture analyzers to Omnimark beginning with an analyzer manufactured by Denver Instrument Company that Sartorius also now owns.

Today, fully integrated into Sartorius Mechatronics, moisture products are now marketed under the Sartorius brand worldwide. The Omnimark business model of providing superior technical support and a problem-solving consultation sales approach with its clients is now global. Moisture analyzers utilizing a variety of technologies are marketed for moisture analysis testing in plastics, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, paints and coatings, and waste treatment industries around the world.

Omnimark personnel and support has been implemented into the Moisture Direct Strike Team, specializing in moisture determination. In addition, all aspects of technically supporting clients and customers including laboratory analysis take place out of the Arvada, CO core competence center for moisture instrumentation. Calibration and service is handled through our service team in Long Island, New York.
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