Practical Technology
What is a "cleanroom"?

A cleanroom is a room or suite of rooms within which air cleanliness, and possibly other environmental parameters are controlled. The key parameter in a cleanroom is number of particles of a specified size per unit of volume. 

What is a "specialty environment"?

A specialty environment is a room or suite of rooms in which an environmental parameter, other than particle count, is the primary controlled parameter. Examples include a negative pressure containment facility, a low humidity facility, a facility with a high or low temperature requirement, a light tight room or a room with low vertical or horizontal air velocity. 

Are cleanrooms and specialty environments unique?

They are unique in that an end user company does not build them as frequently as it may build other facilities. A design firm or a constructor may not have as many skills in this area because they also may not work on such projects frequently. It makes sense for end users, designers, and constructors to call on specialized, experienced assistance to insure that these projects will be successful. 


With over 30 years of HVACR engineering experience including 20 years of cleanroom design build on a wide variety of high tech projects throughout the U.S. and around the world, PRACTICAL TECHNOLOGY has specific skills to offer in this specialized construction arena. 

What geographical area does PRACTICAL TECHNOLOGY cover?

We participate in projects wherever they may be in the U.S. and abroad. Electronic communications makes this feasible and cost effective. 

How do you run your projects?

Our clients run their projects. PRACTICAL TECHNOLOGY offers assistance in proposal writing, conceptual design, procurement, construction support, protocol development and other areas where specialty skills may be needed. Our clients run their projects and we work hard to insure that they will be successful. 

If I only need some questions answered can you help?

PRACTICAL TECHNOLOGY offers a variety of services including technical studies, limited scope design solutions, training classes as well as telephonic consultation. Our services, and fee structure, are based on the needs of the client. 

What is your fee structure?

Our fees are geared to the services required. We offer a fixed fee based on a scope of work; an hourly or daily rate if appropriate; and a "per call rate", dependent on time involved. When travel is required it is billed at cost. After we analyze the needs of the client a fee structure is proposed. 


Your e-mail request from this web site should include a telephone number where you can be reached and a good date and time to call. A one or two sentence description of your requirement would be helpful. We will usually respond in less than 24 hours via e-mail or telephone to discuss your needs with you. (You are invited to call us at 864-898-5202 U.S. Eastern time zone) Shortly thereafter we will submit a draft proposal to you that will then become the basis of further project definition, and ultimately your order for us to proceed.You incur no costs until an order is in place. 

Our project needs some definition. Can you help?

We have a project questionnaire that will help you formulate your thoughts. If you would like such a form indicate that in the comments box on the CONTACT US page, and we'll send it to you electronically, or, if you wish, by regular mail. If you can't fill in all the blanks in the project questionnaire we can work with you over the phone to identify the important information. 

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