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Phase Technologies designs and manufactures electrical products based on solid state power switching technology. Our phase converters, variable frequency drives and power conditioners are used primarily for commercial and industrial applications in a variety of industries including water pumping, oil and gas production, HVAC, machining, broadcast transmitters and more. Founded in 1999, Phase Technologies is recognized as a world leader in phase conversion technologies.

Phase Perfect® digital phase converters
Phase Perfect, the company’s flagship product, was conceived and developed by company founder Dr. Larry Meiners when he encountered problems operating his home machine shop with traditional rotary and static phase converters. Phase Perfect digital phase converters provide clean, balanced three-phase power, suitable for operating even the most demanding loads such as CNC machine tools, HVAC systems, elevators and pumps. The patented design is highly efficient, reliable and easy to install and operate.

AquaPhase™ AP Series variable frequency drives (VFD)
AP Series VFD are built with a single-phase, active switching input module and three-phase inverter module on the output. The unique single-phase active input allows the drive to convert 240V single-phase to 480V three-phase. The voltage boost and phase conversion result in smaller motor cable and significant cost savings in deep submersible pump applications. The active switching input also has the added advantage of low line-side harmonics—most applications easily comply with IEE519 harmonics standards. The AP Series is built specifically for pumping applications with an easy to use interface and simple operation. It is also available in an affordable outdoor rainproof configuration from the factory.

APG Series phase converting, low harmonics regenerative VFD
The patent-pending APG Series is the only available low harmonics regenerative drive with a single-phase line side module. This fully regenerative, phase converting VFD allows power from a regenerative load to pass back through the drive to the AC power source, eliminating the need for braking resistors and saving valuable energy. It also has the advantage of low line-side harmonics for easy compliance with IEEE519 harmonic standards. The APG Series is ideal for beam pump applications in oil and gas production. It is available in affordable outdoor rainproof configurations, is easy to set up and operate and has advanced connectivity and control features to accommodate sophisticated control and well optimization applications. With increased enforcement of harmonics standards by electric utilities, the APG Series drive is a good choice for just about any application that requires large horse power motors to operate on single-phase service.

Customer Service and Technical Support
Phase Technologies is committed to providing a positive experience for our customers from the initial sale through the life of the product. Experienced, knowledgeable technicians and engineers are available to answer your questions and keep your application up and running.

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