PennTech Machinery Corp, The PennTech Group

PennTech Machinery Corporation was founded in 1992 as a manufacturer of vial washing and trayloading machines. Since that time, success in performance and reliability has led to an ever increasing and diverse product line, to include: vial washers, trayloaders, sterilization tunnels, filling/stopper inserting machines, automatic lyo loading machines, cappers and external washers. Today PennTech is the only company in the United States to manufacture complete aseptic vial processing lines. PennTech’s specialty lies in low to medium speed application (sub 200vpm) although we offer many machines exceeding 400vpm. Special emphasis is put on simplistic, yet robust design, adherence to cGMP guidelines, quality, not only of the machines but also of the supporting validation documents.

103 Steamwhistle Dr Ivyland, PA 18974
Tel: 215-396-2200