Mil-Ram Technology

Mil-Ram Technology manufactures Gas and Fire detection instruments, fixed systems, wireless telemetry systems, gas detection transmitters and unique chemically selective, patented gas sensors featuring no false alarms. Mil-Ram was founded in 1990, and has been on an accelerated growth path ever since, reflecting the positive experience of our fast growing list of users of the Tox-Array sensors, instruments and systems. Mil-Ram's wide variety of gas detection products are designed to monitor and detect hazardous gases; Toxic, Combustible, VOC and Oxygen for safety, environmental protection and process controls. Our instruments detect hundreds of different gases and vapors.

Mil-Ram is a strong engineering based company focused on providing practical, cost effective gas and fire detection solutions to industry.

4135 Business Center Dr Fremont, CA 94538
Tel: 510-656-2001, 888-464-5726