MCC-Measurement Control Corp

The MCC instrumentation monitoring system is engineered to integrate hardware and software into a complete data acquisition and analysis system. AIM is a state-of-the-art tool that facilitates research, process development, scale-up, and production of tablets and capsules. It is Windows NT based and provides continuous batch recordings and process optimization for all instrumented equipment. The system is modular and is contained in a mobile enclosure or laptop computer that can be moved between different types of instrumented equipment. Each system can be custom tailored to match customer specific needs.The TABLET PRESS MODULE (TPM) can monitor upper and lower compression, upper and lower pre-compression, ejection, and take-off forces. TPM provides real time force meters, per punch statistics, streamline compactibility profiles, dissolution and disintegration cross-correlations, raw materials evaluation, quality control, and press troubleshooting. TPM reports provide punch forces and contact and dwell times.

13D Great Meadow Lane East Hanover, NJ
Tel: 07936

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