Lab Connections

In 1989 LEAP Technologies was formed in Carrboro, NC in order to serve automation needs in the analytical laboratory (Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry related). LEAP delivers the automation advantage to R&D, pharmaceutica, polymer, food processing, forensic, and academic laboratories.

LEAP adds value with higher efficiency, error reduction and tighter specifications for your analytical results are the value that we add. Wherever there is a repetitive process for sample collection, sample preparation or delivery to analytical instrument - automation will reduce or eliminate many possible error sources.

LEAP’s automation solutions let you walk away, during a busy day or when you are asleep at night. Only highly reliable robotic equipment is worth considering. LEAP has become the automation application house of choice that even the large analytical instrument companies refer their customers to. The name LEAP stands for Laboratory Environmental Analytical and Pharmaceutical. LEAP also signifies jumping ahead with technical innovation, which we love to do every opportunity we get.

LEAP has always found a way to integrate with the larger instrument companies (see partner’s page) and had to look for emerging techniques (see e.g. Proteomics) in the laboratory to add value to its business. We often uncover with our customers together where shortcomings in their sample prep process go undiscovered for historic or other reasons. We analyze the process and customize a new solution.

The biggest challenges for most of our customers is precise, fast and reliable sample prep before loading a sample onto an analyzer or detector system.

LEAP’s name is synonymous with great support (see support offerings), flexible and innovative ideas (see Customized Solutions). With today’s digital communication and fast proliferation of new analytical techniques LEAP offers its products and services world wide (world wide support network) through a carefully selected network of smaller companies that share the same spirit.

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Tel: 919-929-8814