Jost Chemical Co.

For 30 years Jost Chemical Co. has manufactured high purity chemical salts for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, nutrition and clinical nutrition industries. Our FDA registered site consisting of four buildings located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, totals 27,800 square meters and operates under bulk pharmaceutical cGMP. Jost’s 250+ products include acetates, carbonates, nitrates, phosphates and sulfates, which are lot-to-lot consistent, meet or exceed USP/EP/JP/ACS multi-compendia requirements and are BSE/TSE free.

Applications include API synthesis, as pH buffers for fermentation, and as process intermediates. Jost offers DMF and ASMF development and custom products to meet specific requirements.

8150 Lackland Rd St Louis, MO 63114
Tel: 314-428-4300

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