Intelligent Sensor Technology

C.W. Brabender® Instruments, Inc. for over 88 years has manufactured testing equipment designed for measuring and recording rheology, viscosity, processing development, laboratory scale compounding, extrusion, mixing applications and moisture of various polymers and for testing the physical properties and quality of various materials and food systems utilized in the food industry.

Brabender® is the original manufacturer of the torque rheometer. The recording dynamometer system was developed by Carl W. Brabender in 1930. The first recording dynamometer unit was known as the Farinograph® and was manufactured for the Milling & Baking Industry to measure the consistency of dough.

During the mid 1930's growing developments in the Chemical Industry required updated technology to define the processing characteristics of various polymers. The inventive solution to the growing concerns was met by Carl W. Brabender with the introduction of the Plastograph® -- a bold evolutionary leap built upon the roots of the Farinograph®. Since its early inception the Plastograph® has developed into the world-renowned Plasti-Corder® Torque Rheometer.

German concept with American innovation! -- Manufactured, serviced and supported in the United States since 1956.

Company Vision

• Business...a leader in high technology small scale production and processing instrumentation, offering complete systems and solutions

• Core Strengths...laboratory scale technology, product innovation, flexibility, good business relationships

• Markets...polymers, elastomers, chemicals, additives, compounding, pharmaceutical, food, and more...

• Client Propositon...helping our clients to succeed -- offering long lasting partnerships and services

• Employee value...positive leadership, positive ethics, knowledgeable workforce, highly skilled tradesmen

• Impact on mankind...assist companies in making better products that will favorably impact consumer life

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