ImageTrak Software
In 1990, the founders of Imagetrak Software realized that there was a growing need in the environmental compliance marketplace for an innovative and easy-to-use PC-based system to manage Material Safety Data Sheets. The products that were available at that time were either mainframe or minicomputer programs, or required an excessive amount of data entry to provide the needed information.

In 1991, Imagetrak Software began marketing MSDS ExPress, a system that, through the use of advanced database and imaging technology, provides companies with a way to store and index MSDS's in their original form; by scanning them into the system with an inexpensive desktop scanner. This unique system eliminates the need for paper copies of MSDS's and makes their retrieval almost instantaneous. In addition, valuable information about MSDS's can be reported for review by management.

There was also perceived to be a need to help companies track the training history of employees as it related to their exposure to MSDS chemicals in their everyday jobs. As a result, Training ExPress was developed and released in 1993.

In early 1996, ImageTrak Software released Inventory ExPress, designed to track inventory quantities and transactions for MSDS products. This full-functioned add-on to MSDS ExPress makes tracking and reporting this important data easy and straightforward.

Over the past ten years these programs have undergone many changes in response to our customers needs and requests. The latest version of MSDS ExPress, Version 6.0, is a completely new version written in the Microsoft Access 97/2000 database. It is currently available for use on Windows 9X and Windows NT/2000 systems both for stand-alone and network systems. Inventory ExPress and Training ExPress have also been rewritten with new user interfaces. Our newest product is Web ExPress, which makes the MSDS ExPress data available on your Intranet with a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator and provides an unlimited user license.

We invite you to take a close look at the enclosed demonstration version of MSDS ExPress. You will learn the features and benefits of using ImageTrak Software products and see how easy it is to computerize this time consuming yet very important compliance function. If after reviewing the demonstration you have additional questions or wish to place an order, please contact us at 800-446-7089. We are always glad to talk to prospective customers and hear your impressions of our software.
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