Gamlen Tableting

Gamlen's mission is to inspire pharmaceutical professionals in industry and academia to incorporate fundamental principles of compaction science at much earlier stages of development and within a disciplined QbD environment. The Gamlen PCA/TTA family of benchtop Powder Compaction and Tablet Tensile Analyzers offer unique portable and affordable solutions for materials, formulation, process control, and manufacturing scientists. Gamlen technology features proprietary software to characterize the tabletability, compactability, compressibility, elastic recovery, over-compaction risk, detachment/ejection stress of solid-state materials (both in-die and out-of-die), and can be used as a convenient and affordable at-line QA/QC test of API’s, excipients , and formulations.

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PharmTech News Articles

FDA issued a warning letter to Cixi Zhixin Bird Clean-Care Product Co., Ltd for violations of cGMP for finished pharmaceuticals.

The company announced an investment in a new facility in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland.

Pharmco Laboratories received an FDA warning letter for significant violations of CGMP for finished drugs and APIs at its Florida, US facility as well as misbranding of over-the-counter (OTC) acne and sunscreen drug products.

Novo Nordisk entered a research collaboration with the University of Oxford focused on Type 2 diabetes.