The Dow Chemical Co

Dow Microbial Control is the leading provider of biocide and antimicrobial technologies that:

  • Control & prevent growth of nuisance and dangerous micro-organisms
  • Preserve materials

Dow Microbial Control empowers customers to go beyond biocides, and ask more of their microbial control solutions. We provide best-in-class products, service and knowledge to our customers, including:

  • Process Preservation Chemistries
  • Formulation Expertise
  • Preservation and Dry Film Fungicides
  • Water Treatment Chemistries
  • Sanitizing and Disinfection Chemistries
  • Regulatory and Toxicology Research Expertise

When it comes to microbial control for your formulations, Dow Microbial Control is ready to deliver. We are putting you in control by offering:

  • World-class expertise in regulatory and product stewardship, toxicology and environmental research
  • Personalized specialty support from our Customer Application Centers located worldwide
  • Access to a portfolio of products that includes a wide array of environmentally preferred actives and formulations designed with evolving regulatory landscapes in mind.
  • Unmatched understanding and anticipation of the needs and processes of your market, industry and applications
  • High performing and technically supported portfolio of globally supported microbial control actives, products and technologies


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