Creative Genomics

Creative Genomics (CG) specializes in providing the services of DNA sequencing, genotyping and library construction in the global market. Our state-of-the-art sequencers including ABI3730xl, Roche 454 GS-FLX System and Illumina Solexa 1G Genome Analyzer make our customer-oriented DNA sequencing services to stand out with efficiency, reliability and flexibility. Coupled with a variety of high definition genotyping platforms such as Illumina BeadStation 500, Beadxpress and Sequenom, a full range of services from whole genome scans to targeted SNP genotyping can be provided with a high turnover rate. In addition, we have professional team members with extensive experience in library construction. Above all these, an in-house Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) as well as manual basecalling by senior bioinfomaticians ensures our services with the highest quality.

21 Brookhaven Blvd Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
Tel: 631-871-5806