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Introducing Interplan Mobile

Effective maintenance planning and corrosion control all starts with an effective asset survey.

Interplan mobile has been designed to optimize this process, saving up to 40% of the time taken to carry out a paper based survey using the latest mobile tablet technology. The system delivers dynamic, timely, online content allowing you to review survey results soon after the completion of the survey.

Available worldwide, the Interplan mobile system provides a mechanism for “Risk Based Inspection” helping to highlight priorities for maintenance; as well as being backed up by an extensive support network and a wide range of M&R products.

The new Interplan service is available in several different packages including:

  • Interplan Mobile Daily Reporting

  • Interplan Daily Reporting tool provides a powerful assessment and daily reporting / work in progress tool, to ensure the highest standards are being met throughout the coatings application process, at either the new construction or maintenance and repair stage of a project.

  • Interplan Mobile Basic

  • Consists of full photographic report highlighting areas of a plant/asset that require attention including a recommended coating maintenance schedule.

  • Interplan Mobile Advanced

  • In addition to the basic features, our specialist inspectors will carry out a comprehensive site survey using a risk-based inspection (RBI) approach. This will generate a report outlining potential future failures as well as detailed plans of remedial work.

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