Arkios BioDevelopment Intl

What differentiates Arkios from a "CRO?"

First, its our focus.

We put ourselves in your chair, and make sure we are never too busy to give you the proper attention. "Emotional ownership" is our cornerstone.

Second, we crafta team that is specific to your needs.

We don't have layer upon layer of personnel, and as a result our costs are reasonable.  Different parts of your program require different staffing, and with Dr. Pekoe as the lead consultant, he will add only the personnel you absolutely require.  Some parts only require Dr. Pekoe, others require Dr. Pekoe and a Regulatory Affairs Associate, and others a full clinical trial team.  But you're not paying for huge overhead burdens with us.

632 Russell St Covington, KY 40150
Tel: 757-631-214