Advanced Biotechnologies

ABI is proud to be a part of the biotech research community and fully recognizes that our contributions to the industry elicit major ethical responsibilities. 

One of our responsibilities is to protect proprietary information. We have cultivated our own proprietary scientific techniques that distinguish our products from others available on the current market, and respect the importance of confidentiality. 

ABI’s proprietary information will not be provided in publicly available records or documents, and will not be disclosed without the consent of the President. In rare cases, we disclose our confidential information only with the consent of the President. Furthermore, we never disclose any of our clients’ confidential information. We fully understand and comply with our clients’ privacy policies, and understand the importance of these policies in maintaining successful business relationships. 

If you have a specific question regarding our manufacturing process, or the development of a specific product, please feel free to contact us. We will answer your question in a timely and sufficient manner that adheres to both our professional proprietary standards as well as the standards of the industry we serve.
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