ABEC Filtration Systems

ABITEC Corporation started out as Armstrong Chemical Company in the early 1960s. At the time Armstrong was primarily a manufacturer of ammonium chloride quaternary compounds and industrial chemicals. In 1979 Armstrong was acquired by Stokely Van Camp. During the Stokely ownership an esterification plant was built at our Janesville, WI location to produce Medium Chain Triglycerides as well as other Kosher esters. By 1983 ownership of the company again changed when Quaker Oats purchased Stokely.

It was in the 1980s when big changes occurred resulting from the purchase of the Janesville, WI and Columbus, OH facilities of Quaker Oats by Columbus based Capital City Products. Capital City Products had been founded in 1883 primarily as a margarine manufacturer however the business quickly grew into specialty fat and oil production. In 1988, Karlshamns USA purchased the business from Capital City Products and initiated the construction of the current corporate headquarters and advanced research and development labs.

Finally in 1994, we became a U.S. acquisition for Associated British Food PLC and the company name was permanently changed to ABITEC. The name itself is derived from AB(Associated British) I(Ingredient) TEC(Technologies). ABITEC then grew into the company it is today where in September of 2002 the Paris, IL plant of our sister company, ACH Foods, joined the fold.

Since the 1990s many refurbishments and improvements have occurred to our facilities including:

  • Construction of a new office building and state of the art lab
  • Construction of a new distribution center
  • Replacement of multiple reactors
  • Expansion of the refrigerated storage facility
  • Construction of new upper and lower plant tank farms

Throughout ABITEC’s long history one thing has remained the same, our dedication to our customers. A dedication that means we not only meet our customers needs and expectations, but exceed them all the while providing an exceptional product with unparalleled customer service.


14145 Cornus Ct Galena, MD 21635
Tel: 614-429-6464